Friday, February 8, 2013

An Interview with Kelly Nishimoto from TLC's 'Something Borrowed | Something New'

Many of you are fan's of TLC's Bride Night, which has produced some of the most popular wedding shows in the country and has become a must see for engaged couples who are planning a wedding. So when TLC asked us to help promote their newest show, we were thrilled to help them out!

And we must say, this new show looks pretty addictive! It's called 'Something Borrowed | Something New', and according to Sam Saboura, one of the show's stars, "It's like one part Say Yes to the Dress and one part Project kind of get the best of both worlds". 

The basic premise is that a bride must choose between wearing her Mother's wedding dress (that is being completely re-designed by the show's co-host, designer Kelly Nishimoto), and wearing a brand new dress that is chosen for the bride (based on her real budget) by Saboura.

The emotional attachment that the Mothers tend to have to their wedding dresses makes for some interesting moments. In one scene in the sneak peak TLC shared with us, a Mother-of-the-Bride stands in the corner crying whilst Nishimoto literally cuts the neckline out of her wedding dress with a pair of scissors!

Even the show's hosts don't know which dress the bride will choose until the moment of the big reveal at the end of each episode, so the suspense is truly addicting and will keep you watching until the very end!

The show premieres tonight at 10/9c on TLC, and earlier today, Jeff had the opportunity to interview Kelly via video chat. Check out her comments below and be sure to check out the show tonight on TLC!

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